Roommate Problems

My roommate wakes up at least 3 times a week to do her homework at 4 AM! She never fails to wake me up by turning the ******* light on. I HATE IT because i absolutley CANNOT fall asleep with a light on. It HAS to be pitch black. We have a study lounge for a reason...******* USE IT! Ughhhhhhh!
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3 Responses Nov 14, 2012

That's the same problem even I face. Unfortunately we don't have a study line. One of my roommate studies uprising to 4 in the morning and then my other roommate wakes up at the same hour for studies. Can't sleep at all with light on

I hate light it's evil I am a night person if the songs out I'm not I hide from it and bright lights unless my friends need a driver then I help them for the reward it gets me

I meant sun my phones been doing that all night and can't stop it from auto correcting what I say

Sleep mask.