Well for the longest part of my life, I HAD to have some kind of light on ... even the faintest one. I was too scared to sleep in the dark, lol. But now - and for awhile now - I have to have like pitch blackness, otherwise I will roll around and it will take forever to get to sleep. I love the darkness, I am no longer scared but relaxed and peaceful.

I also use to NEED music or NEED some kind of noise happening while I slept.. I still can and do sometimes but usually it's pitch black, no noise... =)

Not sure why I've changed.

BlazzinBebe88 BlazzinBebe88
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oooh minnie night light!!! I would die of happiness if someone got me one or if I saw one at a store!!! :D

Lol scary!!! I would of cried probably, haha...<br />
Well my story changed just a bit, lately I have been sleeping with music in my ears again! Lol.

How about a minnie mouse night light? :)<br />
<br />
Bebe - I used to have to have music playing when I was trying to sleep when I was home alone until one time I fell asleep listening to a CD that had a bonus 'hidden' track at the end with people talking in scary whispering voices - I woke up and totally freaked out not realising it was my CD!! So no night time music for me anymore!!

I'm afraid of the dark. =S

Thanks! =)

Well Blazzin, that is actually a change for the better. Sleep in total darkness is good for keeping our circadian rhythm in sync. Check other good tips for sleeping at