You Are My Night-time

I'm much more relaxed in the dark.  Having the light on makes me end up looking and something or being distracted by a task left undone, until I'm driven insane and have to get up and finish it. 

It's the best way for my eyes to rest.

I've felt more secure in the dark, too, since the monsters and boogey-men all lost their patience, crawled out of their dark corners and from under the bed, and went somewhere else. 

UnderEli UnderEli
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3 Responses Jun 6, 2009

My child is the same way. But I have a bathroom right beside my bedroom and I turn on a corner light and kinda shut the door some..It lets out a little more light than a night light, but isn't completely dark either...It lets my child know there is light and no booogeyman....:D

I applaud your decision to set your son's concerns first. With time he will learn that the dark is not such a scary place after all. I wish I could tell you how long that will take. <br />
<br />
People are pretty adaptable. I wouldn't like it, but I could probably get used to keeping the light on, if it was that important.

OK - I too sleep MUCH better with no lights on. BUT since my 5 year old sleeps with me, and he is afraid of the dark, a night life is not enough. Yep - we sleep with the lights on. And honestly?? I hate this -- I usually either wait until he falls asleep then turn the lights out and the night light on, OR I wake in the middle of the night and do the same :) I am really ready for a GOOD nights sleep :)