My Fan

I thought I was the only one that needed this until I found EP - I am one of many now. That is nice. I guess is started with the humidifier, and I replaced one noise with another. Maybe I should go back to the humidifier as it would probably do wonders for my sinus and be warmer in the winter. Do you all of that water in the air my freeze though .. oh that wouldn't be good!

DeepForest DeepForest
2 Responses Aug 10, 2010

That is the thing about living with the humidifier - it taught me to live with noise at night. In fact, I need the hum to help me fall asleep. But what you say makes sense - I have some major sinus problems and winter in Canada can be really dry.

You need a humidifier in the winter, all that dry heat can burn your sinuses. I hate when it feels like your breathing in knives.<br />
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I like the quiet, if a fan's running continuously it'll keep me awake. I'd rather be hot and have quiet, than be cool and noisy.