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I am not really sure how long ago it started for me but I can't sleep without a fan blowing. I think it may date back to visits to my grandmother. She did not have central air conditioning, just the window units and the room I slept in, the window unit was not the best so there was also a fan going especially during the summer. I think the noise helps me sleep, when I do sleep. I know that I sleep better in a cold room, the colder the better. I keep my house kind of frosty during the winter. I can always bundle up to keep warm. I find comfort in it as well. I think some of my happiest memories were the weeks that I would spend with my Grandmother during the summer. All the cousins around, the playing and running around. I would give anything to be able to do that again.
When I was in college, the first dorm I lived in did not have central air, window units again so a fan was needed. Some times my roommate and I would have two big box fans running and then smaller fans going. It is weird,  even with central air, I would always have a fan blowing. I can rmember my Mom, telling me to cut it off I did not need all of that air blowing directly on me but I loved it. Still do and I think that I need it. There have been times, when I have traveled and I didnt have a fan running and I could not sleep. I use to carry a small desk fan with me but, after forgetting them in a couple of hotels or at relatives houses I had to tell myself to stop replacing them. It is funny I am sitting in bed typing this with a fan blowing.  In the past I have told my ex to sleep in the other room if he could not stand the fan running. HA! That or get another blanket. Just one of the many reasons he is out of the picture.
I am glad to know that I am not alone in this and I personally don't think that there is anything wrong with it.
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+1. i haven't slept without a fan on in 25 years. i take one when i travel. i often get questioned about it at airport security.