I Can...

...but I do prefer usually to have something in the background. Static or techno work best. But a lot of other things work. Pure quiet usually leaves me with my thoughts, and those are usually too loud for me to sleep with. Booze works too.
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4 Responses Jul 20, 2010

Nice =) I can def see Cafe del Mar, so tranquil! I think the same about Satie.<br />
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I couldn't sleep with Donizetti or Bach... i love listening to them, i'd probably get more excited than calm. There's a lot of classical music I like to put on when I train, it's very dramatic! haha.<br />
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For me techno is very repetitive... not to say i'm not all out a good rave! But I don't have to focus on the music as much, it's more feeling than intellect to me.

any particular kind of music? like i said, i don't know what it is, but techno works for me. haha

I know what you guys mean. I actually got used to it, tho. I've lived in a lot of different places with all kinds of conditions. Sometimes it was crickets and frogs outside, sometimes it was cops and ambulances, and sometimes it was just quiet. Now I've got my own place, so I make whatever noise i want =)

yeah, white noise is great. A fan and AC... for me i like static noise... any kind of white noise really. Kinda funny how tranquil it can make me. Music really depends on me, but techno seems to work like a charm. haha.