I Hate It So Much..

All I want right now is to be able to fall asleep whenever I need to, and be able to wake up when I need to without being in such horrid pain. I'm usually laying in bed until 5AM, or sometimes even later, trying to sleep, when I need to be up at 8:45AM. I truly do envy people that can fall asleep the moment their head touches the pillow. The worst part is, they will never appreciate it, because they don't know what it's like to struggle to sleep.

I hate sleep. It is probably one of my worst enemies. It keeps me from doing the things I need to do, and it's a huge source of stress and anxiety. I'm always stressing before bed because I know that it's going to be another battle. That can't be healthy.. T_T
delirium delirium
18-21, F
Jul 23, 2010