My Anxiety Won't Let Me Sleep...

Well actually it will only allow me to sleep for maybe an hour or two. But its hard to fall asleep because either my mind will be racing or I'll just be shaking uncontrollably. I sometime feel tired, but can't sleep. I even took a small sleeping pill, it only let me sleep for maybe three hours. I think I'll take some St.Worts. That may help. I wish you a great sleep.
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Hi. I don't know if I have an anxiety, But I haven't slept right since May because of some stupid movie. Everytime I see one tiny creepy thing, I can't stop thinking about it, then I can't sleep right. If I do fall asleep, I get flash images in my head and wake up in panic. It's gotten to the point where I can't handle staying how alone in the morning or during the day let alone the night without being on full alert and feeling absolutely terrified for no apparent reason. It's never been this bad. I'm only 13 but please don't say I'm being ridiculous because it is very serious to me and it bothers me a lot.

OMG i finally found someone else like me i thought i was going crazy my mind is always racing--until i started drinking 5 stage sleep shot and OMG it kicks my butt!!!!! it puts me to sleep within like 30 minutes and i get to sleep all night :)<br />
i think the web gives a free sample<br />
<br />
hope it helps u like it helps me<br />
sara lee :)

I start to feel my legs running anxiety then in my hand n body n I keep tryn to sleep but will wake n an hour sum ody help me

I feel the same Way n it's Scaring me help sad

Here's my secret: I couldn't sleep because my thoughts would bounce from perceived crisis to perceived crisis, until I was too anxious to sleep. I use an iPod with a recorded book on it from I set the sleep timer on the ipod for 30 minutes, close my eyes and start listening to the book. Although I have heard the various passages from that book dozens of times over the past 2 months, each time I am able to listen for a while then fall asleep. I'll wake up wearing one side of the headphones, but this works for me consistently. By paying attention to the story, I stop thinking about all the crisis matters screaming at me from inside my head.