I Can't Sleep Because Of Bugs

Hi everybody I know this may sound lame but I can't sleep because there's a bug in my room. For my whole life I've never been too particularly fond of bugs. As I was laying in bed (around 12 am) about to fall asleep I noticed a moth on my window. It scared me quite a bit, as it was rather large. I quickly left to grab a swatter, but kept hesitating to actually kill it because I'm that much of a wimp. It then flew down somewhere in my room and I was unable to find it. I fled and now I've been on the computer over an hour. It's now 2 am and on a school night. What can I do? I don't know where the moth is, and knowing that it could still be in my room makes matters worse. Please help! 
Arklare Arklare
May 22, 2012