Chef, Late Finishes, Home To Fiancee In Bed And Booze, Snacks And Rubbish Sleep.

Hate my life after 16 years of being a chef with a beautiful family. Cant change my ritual 12-14 hour days due to cuts. Just cant make a happy balance even though I am grateful to be in full time permanent, high paid work.
Need 2 hours to wind down and creep around the house with a beer and a ready meal...just cant switch off!
Worst thing is I'll grab 5 minutes in the morning like it's gold...but waste 3 hours at night drinking beer and socialising on FB? What is wrong with me?
My dad is close to death with a massive liver cancer, now spread into the bones...I spend my days off with him and have zero time for anything anymore.
Please help!
sw41 sw41
41-45, M
Nov 28, 2012