Up past midnight...again...

Ugh, I've been like this ever since my days at art school down in DC. Even after I came back home and landed a mind-numbing 9-5 job, I would stay up past midnight, sleep for 4 hours or less, then either struggle to stay awake during work or just call out and sleep in.

Usually it's because I have too much energy, or too much on my mind, but even times when I'm dead tired, I fight it off, catch my second wind, and stay up until dawn. I've even tried sleep medicine, but that just leaves me like a zombie in the morning.

I don't mind it; unfortunately, the majority of the normal world functions on 9-5. Keeping a sleep schedule such as mine is frowned upon.

Oh well, here's to hopping I find a solution, or 2pm-5am becomes the new norm.
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1 Response Dec 15, 2012

You can be productive while other people are asleep....... for example, you can help keep the fire from going out (while everyone else is asleep) so they don't wake up with cold toes . . :-)