"good Night..." ...silence...

It is 11:45 pm. The house is quiet and dark and all I can hear is the hum of my laptop and the whirr of the electric fan. Work doesn't start up again until next week, and so I am allowing myself to be naughty and stay up later than my usual 9:30 sleepy time.

I have exhausted FB and EP. Apparently everyone has gone to bed and nothing is happening. I have checked up on my new favorite blogger, but no new updates have occurred since last night. I have tired of practicing dance moves in front of my mirror, and music seems dry tonight. YouTube has finally ceased to bring me interesting watching, and so I finally consider switching off the light and trying to sleep.

Light switch then off, I lie on top of my bed covers, the warm, sultry air moving around me like a gentle spirit. But no matter how peaceful the atmosphere is, the night brings me restless thoughts and longings that are not anywhere conducive to sleep...not unless acted upon first... (wink, wink)

My hand unconsciously moves to grab my phone...but I stop as I remember that others have work tomorrow, even if I don't....as well as that little voice reminding me, "He's not there for you....."

I finally pull my laptop from under my bed and fire it up...only to browse through some photos, videos, notes... I read past EP entries I have made and realize that I only write when I am feeling a little down... and here I am again. I suppose it is my only outlet.

Right now, all I really want is someone to be beside me in my bed. Someone to be the "outer spoon". Someone who will hold me around my waist and rest his head close to my neck. Someone who will breathe in the scent of my hair, and cup his hands around my breasts. Someone who will whisper back my "good night".
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1 Response Jan 6, 2013

That's only too true how i feel almost every night...