I Can, But I Can't.

Okay, every night I tell myself I am going to bed at no later than 1AM.  But I end up on here til 5AM talking to my fiance.  Then I have to wake up about eleven/twelve.  If I don't get more than enough sleep, I feel like I haven't slept at all.  So I've been feeling like crap.  The problem is, we just don't want to stop talking to each other.  It's crazy. 

Lately he hasn't been getting up and talking to me until 4PM my time.  He used to be awake at around eleven/twelve my time.  So I get up and wait and wait to talk to him, and I talk to him until he goes to bed, which is about four/five AM my time.  We spend so many hours talking its ridiclous lol 

But right now I just wanna sleep so bad.  I wanna get a bunch of sleep, and wake up around 10AM everyday, ideally.  But instead I am up and its 4:16 in the morning and I will sleep my day away

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1 Response Feb 22, 2009

I know things will be different when we live together, because then we'll be going to sleep together. But until then it's hell lol. Especially when he does little stuff like he did last night and drink too much coffee. He didn't go to sleep until 7AM my time, which means he won't be awake until wayyy later. UGH!