I Barely Sleep.

i didn't sleep at night because of the time difference between me and my fiance and my sleep schedule got switched on me well now he is in Afganny and idk when we get to talk but every time hes called me has been like midnight or like 5 am so I'm afraid to sleep at night and miss his calls but I feel so useless sleeping my day away.. yesterday I didn't wake up til 8 PM! that's so ridiculous  The day before I only got 3 hrs (off and on) of sleep so I could do something with my day.. but I can't keep not sleeping and then  sleeping my dayss away.. it makes me more depressed..

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I've been paying attention to the time difference..i can nap during the day cause its night for him when its day for me.. but he also knows that im sleeping.. so he calls around midnight (i normally go to sleep around then) cause he knows im awake or around 8 or 9 am cause he knows i'm awake.. i have my phone close to my head and i always answer but i've had phone convos in my sleep cause i've been so tired when i finally fall asleep so im afraid of doing that.. but i'm pretty sure hearing his voice will wake me up.. it usually did/does.<br />
thank you all. I will get use to it..<br />
<br />
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oh and vicki? he will always call from certain numbers? there have been a few different ones but its not a random number that calls its usually the same ones?

Your body will go on "auto pilot" after a while!!!!! I did what you are doing at first! I had no idea when he would be calling and so afraid to miss his call I would just stay up! NO! Can't do that! When he did call I was soooooo tired I barely made sense! <br />
MOST of the time he will be able to call at the same time, but it's the Military , things change A LOT!<br />
I set my phone a a way different ringer for him, {{{you'll learn what numbers he calls from and be able to do that}}} It wakes me from my sleep now when I get those 3am calls....just a suggestion.....

I havnt got to talk to him enough to know his shifts or anything.. but once i find out i will figure it out. thank you (:

Bless work out the time difference and sleep in the middle if your worried you won't wake for his call. I know when Steven is over there there is a 12 hr difference so we set up a time to call depending on his shifts.x