Why Can’t I Sleep?

I have never been a good sleeper not even with when I was a child it got a lot worse when I was 3 I had a tapper on my bedroom window for a few months when the whole family was in bed and the house was in darkness some ******* would come in to our back yard and start tapping on my bedroom window this was happening in the whole neighbourhood, then I become afraid of the dark and that noise that the wind makes on windows you know when it smacks in to the window and the whistling sounds, and of course I was scared of thunder as everyone dose, but I did get over it and that doesn’t bother me anymore but I still don’t sleep, I never get to sleep before 4 am in the morning and I wake up a few hours later sometimes only a hour later so I only get about 5 to 10 hours of sleep a week and I always feel like crap when I wake up with a splitting headache, so I hate sleeping  when I turned 18 I started having nightmares  about the tapper again, I would wake up screaming  and crying it was bad then I started sleep walking as well and doing this weird thing how I would have conversations with people eyes open and everything while I was asleep in person and on the phone  and I never remember doing it, it started getting worse after I had my surgery in December last year, and I’ve stopped dreaming, in the past 3 months I have only had 1 dream, when I had that dream I thought that things might be starting to get better, they say that when you dream your meant to sleep better, something to do with the rapid eye movement my friend tells me but after that dream they stopped again, I don’t know maybe I will never sleep like everyone else, you see my friend is the total opposite to me when it comes to sleeping she can sleep for up to 16 or more hours a day, maybe she is the one taking all my sleep bloody cow lol

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That's terrifying!!