Night three of no sleep by the looks. Betting the hallucinations will start probably by the end of day 4... I miss dreaming...
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My friend is a "minor" insomniac, more like he just doesn't sleep well often, he hasn't actually been medically recognized though. He has tried some things like medication.... Melatonin etc. he also tried asmr, it's weird but If it works for someone ol then it works. It's worth a try if u haven't... It works miracles for some. I'm not telling you to try it, but if u want to, then u can try smoking weed, it works wonders for my friend after he tried everything else. It works for most people, but it isn't necessarily a good way to do it. If u never tried it, and want to then go ahead. It will probably work, but u don't want to have to do it every night like my friend, so I suggest other methods. Good luck

I hope you will be able to sleep soon.

That is really scary! I hope that does not happen to you.

Why are you not sleeping?

I don't sleep much either. Have you tried sleeping pills. You can get a low dose. Or over the counter diphenhydramine.