i keep thinking of what i want to do, and what i want to do as an adult. I want to go to college, but for what? the only thing i'm good at and have a deep passion for is drawing manga. I'm slightly above average i think in cello. Not as good as other people. but what can i do with manga? it can't be a full time career, i'll have to do it as a side job. i can't become a well known cellist that easily. i just don't want to live off of my parents, i want to strike out on my own, and lead my own life. even now i want to live on my own and see what the world is like as an adult. In movies and stories where a kid is forced to live alone, i'm secretly jealous of them. Although i will have to overcome my fear of the dark do live alone. =.=' yep. still afraid. i'm just thinking about all of these things.
jeweldoggy jeweldoggy
18-21, F
Sep 1, 2014