I Can't Sleep So, I Jam All Nite. Want to Watch?


I couldn't sleep so, I started inviting other friends over for a jam session and a few drinks on Friday nites.  Well, it worked out great so, we decided to webcast our jam sessions for other insomniacs!

Now you can tune in absolutely FREE, every Friday nite, from 9pm to 6am est.  Just go to www.myspace.com/ThatSoundDude and you'll find the player just down a little on the right.  WJAM  JamTV!  Oh, there's also a chat room there with other late nighters talking about just about anything.  We even take requests!  Just click the CHAT icon. 

You can visit us anytime.  There's always something playing but, Friday Nites We ARE LIVE! 

Hope to see you soon...





ThatSoundDude ThatSoundDude
31-35, M
Mar 10, 2009