Hate It ! I Feel Stuped Cuz I Am And I Am Because Off My Spelling

spelling I gess makes me stuped so there for i am! and there is no one it seems to understand this and can look past it my spelling holdes me back I do not even care to do spell chek on this. there is no point to it. 

Spelling is trivial intelligens and i have something a different tipe of intellegens sadly you can only find this out by talking to me in person and knowing me in person otherwise I am stuped aaa i am going crazy!!!!

goodluckrubberduck goodluckrubberduck
18-21, F
2 Responses Feb 10, 2010

I don't think that spelling is something that tells whether someone is stupid or not.. It's the way you think...<br />
There are lots of people who doesn't know even to write but still they are very intelligent and smart. <br />
So don't worry about your spelling, you'll make it better I believe in that =)

we all excel at different things, spelling isn't the most important thing...for when you really need it, just use a dictionary or spellcheck.