It's Too Much

I don't think it's a bad movie or a bad idea or anything. It's right the opposite! It's made in phantastic way! The music is so disturbing, the actors are great, the story is unbelievable and well adapted.

But it's SO disturbing and so mad... When I first watched the movie I thought I'd have to stop the DVD some times during the movie cause I couldn't stand what this movie was doing to me. At the end I broke down crying and packed the DVD away into a dark corner of my room and I swear I'll never ever watch that movie again! It really is way too much for me!

GothGrrrl GothGrrrl
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3 Responses Jul 17, 2007

The process he went through with having to keep his eyes propped open for part of his punishment was a statement too. And how Beethoven was a part of the music in the intellect of the depravity.

I can quite understand why you'd feel like that!! It is very intense, and disturbing, and has a strange knack of catching one a bit off-guard. I think I find that it confronted me, but failed to really add to my comprehension of the world - the questions it asked were ones I'd seen asked elsewhere; for me, the shock tactics added little to my emotional understanding and blunted the intellectual inquiry. Still a brilliant piece of cinema though.

It is quite a statement, and confronts quite a few serious issues. It is one of my favorites. Try watching it after a few vodkas and orange.