Enough Already

I have this so-called friend who continuously goes on about every single perfect aspect of her life. Everything is so perfect and so wonderful and of course she is the best at everything she does. According to her she has the best job, husband, house, even her dog is the "only" breed anyone should buy. Seriously...everything can't be that great!
Recently I managed to get her a new job in marketing (a field I have been in for 10 years) and now she's banging on about getting her masters degree in marketing and how just studying sounds just as good as having it. While I said "I really don't think so"...she was very sure she was right.
I am so sick of her crap I can't be bothered listening to her anymore....enough already!
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2 Responses Sep 24, 2011

There is a guy here that knows everything even before Christ. Iam trying to not argue with anyone and I think he is trying to get me to do just that. SSM

Sometimes it is people like that person who have the most problems, and the only way they can feel better about their lives is to tell everyone how great they are, without realizing that some people may be offended by it.<br />
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I would just let it go in one ear and out the other, because as kattalie said above, nothing is wonderful 100 percent of the time!