Common Stuff

  I hate when people brag about COMMON STUFF. Not that the more extravagant things aren't annoying also. I remember a girl from my 10th grd class, TRIED to brag about her outfits-which were too tight and made her look whoreish (appropriate for her). She'd say "Every holiday/function I always get a new outfit and my nails done" What's the point of saying that? Even the least fortunate people get new clothes.


I'll never understand some...

lostprophet lostprophet
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maybe so. <br />
or maybe it's for sheer attetnion.<br />

I'll agree that I dont like it.<br />
But perhaps these self-centered people have some self-esteem issues, and have to resort to the tolerance of the mentally stronger 'ugly' and 'quiet' types, to feel accepted. <br />
I feel bad for them.

yeah, i've heard how some pple are friends with or go out in public with people who..are.."less attractive" then they are-just so they'll look better :l ********! <br />
thanks for your comment, hun

not me! people like that feed off of usually quiet people. they know they can "shine" infront of the person

Indeed. What's the point?<br />
<br />
I used to know this girl who I realised later never talked about anything else but herself and how great her look/clothes/things were.<br />
<br />
She tried to get re-acquainted with me and some other girls a while back and we'd thought, Oh, why not.<br />
<br />
But it was back to the same routine again. She never asked about how we were, not once, but kept on talking about what she'd done, what she'd bought... Who would want to be friends with that kind of person?