I Hate Being Alone...

So I compromise myself, my values, who I am. I was married to a terrible woman for 10 years, and am already remarried to someone who takes me for granted -- severely.

All I want is to be in a relationship where the other person values me, treats me decent, pulls their own weight, and wants me for who I am. Instead, I end up with detached, depressed, leech-type people who take advantage of me.

I am in shape, early 30s, non bad looking, successful, outdoorsy, and adventurous. Why do I keep attracting losers?

To make matters worse, I literally cannot STAND to be alone. I am sitting here passing time for two days while my wife travels, even though she treats me like crap & takes advantage of me when she is here. I just want to "connect" with her right @ this moment, even though it would serve no good purpose, and she could care less.

I probably won't leave her, because then I would be alone -- again.
jrmountains jrmountains
26-30, M
2 Responses Jul 12, 2010

I've been seperated for three months now. Bad marrige so that's a good thing. Now if only I had a friend........

I know what that is like. The thought of leaving gives me this vicelike grip in the pit of my stomach. I know that I need to leave but the feeling of loneliness scares me to death.