"CAN You Hear Me Now?"

Do the people who wear blue tooth headsets realize how silly they look? Especially when they keep them on, as if they were a fashion statement or something. Wow. Blue tooth. You're so busy shopping or standing in line (hands completely unoccupied) you simply cannot hold the phone to your ear.

Plus, have you ever witnessed someone using Blue tooth? They look as if they are speaking to themselves, rather loudly and it's even funnier when they're in an argument. 

ArabellaBlythe ArabellaBlythe
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3 Responses Mar 23, 2009

Totally agree with that. Totally rude if you ask me. They don't seem to notice the basic rules of face to face contact with a person, requires courtesy.

I know! These days you don't know if people are on acid or talking on their headset. I hate my husband's blue tooth thing, I just make him take it off. <br />
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I hate cellphones, period! I work retail so it annoys me when people come up to me to do a transaction and they're "so busy" talking on e the phone that they ignore me completely. I've learned to ignore them back, do the transactions (slowly, make them wait) give them their receipt without saying a word and walking away.

This is so very true. The first time I saw someone using it, they were pacing back and forth in the front of a grocery store. I thought they were crazy.<br />
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I used one, they are very handy if you use a computer or do a desk job, bot other than that, it kinda makes you look like your trying to be 'oh so important' when you wear one out in public.<br />
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I have to say . . . . makes you look like a jerk when you have one on, outside the office setting.