Subtle Arrogance

Especially when they try to do it subtly. You know the "Whew, I'm tired but I guess that's what you get when everybody relies on you, right?" variety.

I have someone like that I added on Facebook due to work and boy, every single updates from her is like that. The martyr, the selfish I-am-here-for-the-good-of-human-kind. That or detailed info about her workload. I guess you all know the type.
I never knew why I didn't hide her updates. Probably because I actually felt entertained. (Human beings are weird, right?)

But I am veering a little out of topic here. There are some gems over at this site I visit once a while: Tweeting Too Hard. People like these are everywhere but this website gets choice examples. One is this gold medal winner:

I gave my cleaning lady a raise today, even though she didn't ask, as my own little contribution to fighting the recession.

The thing is when you go to this guy's page, there are always updates like these.

I don't generally stay around people like these for too long so there aren't many of them in my circle of offline friends. Online is another matter. Your friend's friend's friend etc etc and with everything written down and archived... You run into them a lot.

Recently, I have this friend of mine crossing swords with one of the most pompous people I've ever come across. Ugh, it left an unpleasant taste in my mouth just talking (or typing) about this person. The thing that got my dander up is the way this other person was trying to come across all hurt, a victim - while at the same time calling my friend jealous, inferior and less successful.

I have tangible proof that this other person's claim to success is hot air and I've been sorely tempted to throw it in the person's face. (I am not nice, I've told you all.)

Still, it is not any of my business so... instead I vent here and make you all get spoiled with the vile. LOL.

DISCLAIMER: I know how it is here, so I'm stating it clearly and categorically that what I am talking about here is NOT in anyway connected to EP or any of its members.
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True. The keyword is sometimes. And like AP, most of the times we brag about things which are obviously worth bragging about :-)

I know what you are talking about and I don't like these people too;<br />
<br />
they always make me feel really uneasy.<br />
<br />
But we all brag sometimes; it's human nature

Anytime Andrew. You know you can start a blog about writing *********** - or even Singapore Cuisine!<br />
<br />
As long as it is informative, consistent and it consists information only you can provide, it'll go off.

The blogging world is very business-like these days - not at all like the blog I used to have back in my college years.<br />
<br />
Back then blogs were online diaries, now it's like an online magazines where people post well written articles regarding the topic(s) they're familiar with, an expert on or a scientific observer of. <br />
<br />
These real blogs get heavy traffic and their Google AdSense payment are naturally very high. This, however, gives ideas to those who want to make money fast thus the outsourced blogs that employ(ed) yours truly.<br />
<br />
Some, like the few people who employ me, try to do it straight. They underlined that the posts need to be informative, even though it's not breaking stories (I researched it online and put things together into a unique post that was reflective of the blog I was writing for).<br />
<br />
Some however, are focused only on getting traffic and don't care if the posts are intelligible. These people I avoid, because well, they've proven their unscrupulousness - I think it's safe to assume I would've been left high and dry at the end of the day.

Yes, AP, they do. It's not a personal blog or anything though - it's blog people generate to earn income from Google AdSense.<br />
<br />
My last project was a twelve 250 word posts submitted to a blog which focuses on News, Technology and Business. (Surprisingly I enjoyed it a lot, much more than the Fashion focused blog I did before that.) If you want I can send you the URL via PM.<br />
<br />
It's quite challenging yes, Lorraine. The topics I am assigned to write are vastly varied (the ads in my Gmail are amazingly rich in choices as a result!) But because I am writing for laymen just like myself I don't really have to study up a storm when I write about things I have no expertise on.

Wow, that's a challenge, but why am I surprised ! You would be perfect

No, no, you're correct, Lorraine. Well, the teacher part - I taught English for company's employees, not at school.<br />
<br />
I just resigned my post as a teacher and have since been working freelance as a... I guess they call it copywriter. I write text per request. People give me a specific title and/or keywords and I churn out articles or blog posts based on those things.

Hi June, what are you doing as freelance work? I had it in my head that you were a school teacher....sorry

Ha, so that was why, LOL.I thought you had plastic surgery on that arm, heehee..

LOL 4vr, you know how it is too, right? When there is something written down, there will always somebody who thinks it's about him or her. And I'm with you there - sad.<br />
<br />
Andrew, what do you mean weekend? What is weekend?? LOL. Catching up on some work here, feeling a bit energized actually. Weird side of freelancing I guess, you're all fired up when it breaks a drought of no clients :')

Love 'The Disclaimer', that's a good idea :D<br />
<br />
People who need to toot their own horn to others are obviously insecure and need other people's approval of them for positive validation, which in my opinion is very sad.

Nudge, nudge, wink, wink... don't go making my head bigger S, I already have difficulties finding hats!

nudge-nudge..wink-wink..... that's why we like you tell it how it is...luv ya....S