San Francisco Pacfic Heights Deadbeats

I was asked if I was interested in house/pet sitting (not one, but two cats) at a private home for Judy & Don in Pacific Heights, San Francisco (three story/off street parking/backyard/etc) - these were friends of a friend and I was asked to stop by for a meet & greet with them and their cats before their trip ... which I agreed & did. After their departure to PARIS for two weeks in November (Thanksgiving holiday airfare/hotel rates in effect) - I realized they had not a left a shred of food in the house and there seemed to be a complete absence of any dishware, cookware, etc (checked the dining room, kitchen, pantry, etc) so I had to assume the costs of both buying and serving. The cats had plenty of food, litter etc. I also realized the house had no computer access, no cable, etc. So, after their return from a Paris vacation at Thanksgiving for two weeks to their Pacific Heights $2.5 million home I was quite looking forward to some type of cash renumeration ... which turned out to be a tourist t-shirt and a "thanks, you're probably in rush to get home and relax" ... to this day I regret not asking for financial compensation or at least the personal cost of their vacation, but also realized this is how people with money get money. It was a valuable lesson, not a mistake and since then have been very clear in expectations of both sides. I certainly did not expect to have meals prepared for two weeks, but I also didn't realize I would have to buy the food and something to eat off as well as kiss off the costs incurred at THEIR home for THEIR convenience. Would you believe these DEADBEATS had the nerve to call again at Christmas? I said sure and then never returned any other phone calls ... whereupon they had the nerve to mention this to our mutual friend and my response was when they paid me for the first time I would be happy to return but an unpaid bill is an unpaid bill. My friend had no idea of my side of story as I had chosen not to 'bother' him with their ignorance ... another valuable lesson there too.
phallusu phallusu
Jul 14, 2010