My Ex Friend

Wanna know a way we can instantly end our friendship?

Okay, let's go get drunk, then all ten of us go to the diner after bar close and give the waitress a hard time, knowing full well she was gonna make bank on us at the end in tips because that's the way we roll.

Then as we are leaving and you go to pay your part of the tip she effing earned by putting up with us and you especially because you get so loud when you drink, I just happen out the bathroom door and see you put in a five dollar bill and take five ones back thinking you were some slick mo fo!

Shame on you man, my mom and 3 sisters have a long rich history in the food service industry and guys like you aren't worth the time it would take to **** in your water pitcher.

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1 Response Apr 17, 2011

Funny but what ever happened to dine and dashing??