two weeks ago my mother thought she smelled ciggerets on my breath my hand and my room. she got out her belt and wimped me till i got bruses up and down my legs threatend to send me bake to orgean tell me ill never get to see my brother again! i collapsed and my brother screamed. at first i thought my mom turnd on my brother so i got up and screamed at my mom telling how crazy she was acting. i kept telling her i dont smoke then my brother pionted out my brand new bike and its new bike smell. that what she smelled on my hands and breath. she went into her room and i felt so guilty for something i dident do she gave my $20 and told me to go out i wanted to leave but i dident want to leave her alone i felt like that the rest of week i know she was sorry but i just cant stand to see my mom like that its killing me.
waterwolf waterwolf
13-15, F
May 6, 2012