People Smoking At the Entrance of the Health Clinic

I HATE IT when I have to go to the health clinic, for my doctors appointments or to get my prescriptions, and right at the entrance is some IDOIT smoking right by the door!!!! Yeah, they're outside, but I gotta go through their cancerous smoke to get in the building!!!! I go to the clinic to get healthy, not to catch cancer!!!!! Two easy solutions. One: There is a bench AWAY from the entrance.... actually it should be moved further away from the entrance...  move it, and make that the desinated smoke spot. Two: Enforce it! No smoking near the entrance. Done. Problem solved.

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2 Responses Feb 17, 2009

First of all,you can't catch cancer.There are people who have never smoked or been around cig.smoke in their lives and they have had cancer.There are people who have smoked and never got cancer.<br />
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If you drive,think about how much pollution is put out by vehicles.There is pollution all aound us even if there were no cigs.If you wear perfume or hairspray,think about how many toxins is put into the air from those two things,not to mention people allergic to either of them.There are many things that can cause cancer,including foods.I'll bet if you done some research,you would be amazed at what people do,wear and eat that can cause cancer.

I have been on both sides of the smoking issue I smoke for many years, and I got upset if people didnt want to be around people who smoked..<br />
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I havtnt smoked for over 27 years, now I hate to be around smokers:)<br />
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