Ignorant And Rude People Smoking And Blowing It In My Face.


I was in town and these people just started smoking. Now its bad enough that they were smoking in a public place but then some of them  were blowing the smoke in other people's and my faces.  gross right? So i asked them if they would stop smoking  near people or at least stop blowing it in others faces.  They all turned around and laughed at me. I didn't think that was funny  i have weak lungs.  One of them asked what i have against smoking. I reeled off a long list of reasons. However my biggest reason was because my auntie had recently died of a brain tumor and lung cancer which she got because of passive smoking.  So no to me it was not funny. however they started making fun of me more. I really wanted to use the **** to burn their eyes or some thing but thats kind of illegal. So i counted to ten in my head and walked off. But they were still smoking and stinking of it.

lilyismygreyhound lilyismygreyhound
18-21, F
Feb 12, 2010