I lived with a smoker when I was younger ... I hated the smoke and what it did to my home and my clothes.  When I cleaned the inside of my windows there was a film of brown tar on the glass from his cigarettes.  Yuk.

I divorced him eventually and haven't lived with a smoker since.  But, I do work with one.  It is illegal to smoke in the work place in Ireland but my boss seems to think this doesn't apply to him.  Ironic considering he is a lawyer. 

Anyway, he smokes a pipe and some of his clients smoke cigarettes and of course they all smoke together when they're in a meeting.  I can't bear having to go into the meeting when they are smoking.  I am so unused to it now and it makes me feel sick. 

I've had clients comment that they can smell cigarette and cigar smoke in the atmosphere.  One client sat in reception and remarked to his companion "now there's something you don't smell in offices any more" meaning the smoke of course. 

But don't start me off on how politically incorrect my boss is ... that's for another story, lol.

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Thanks for the comments guys. I think my tolerance for cigarette smoke has become even lower in recent years, I don't seem to be able to put up with it at all. I don't know how I lived with a heavy smoker for those years when I was younger.

working as a coach driver i had this co-driver blowing smoke out of the side window and he had the cheek to tell passengers to stop smoking on the coach he would seem to be smoking non stop.