We Dont Need Any Of It

Straight and truth. never regret what i will ever say. We dont need any of it we dont need governments we dont need war poverty is a load of crap it never needed to happen. we could all be happier and better people if we didnt have money... leaders...rules laws. we would all be happier human beings. lets be natural and look closer. none of this is real. stop living the lie. we are influenced and brain washed. media it has no truth in it. its warped by the bad. internet isnt really safe but you can always find thst little bit of enlightment hidden somewhere. really we all and even i still need to waken up and realise this isnt how life should be. there should be no drama no stress. I still cant thiink how it would really be. would we all be happy?
dreaming1233 dreaming1233
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 19, 2010

Thank you for sharing... I am definitely a believer in avoiding drama and stress!!