Understand The Passion Over Beliefs, But High Blood Pressure & Ruined Health May Not Be Worth It

People get really really worked up over both of those topics.  I believe people are getting their blood pressure up and bringing on stress-induced health problems if they engage in it too much.

My own husband can get himself worked up over politics.  So much so that I turn the channel if controversal topics are on TV.  If he insists on watching it or getting his blood pressure up, I will go elsewhere and get away from the negative vibes. 

The vast majority of the time I can watch or listen to something on those topics without getting emotional or too worked up.  That wasn't always the case.  But as I've gotten older my philosophy is if the topic is something I will not be worrying about or getting worked up about if I'm on my death bed, I'm going to try to avoid getting worked up about those things now.

This is what I say to my husband and sons when they are getting themselves worked up:  "Do you have to be on your death bed to realize what is really important in this life?  I don't think you will be on your death bed wishing you'd spent more time debating, arguing or getting worked up over politics or religion"
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I have no patience for a debate..gives me a headache & I need my head for better things.

You're words have wisdom because no matter what one person feel, thinks or even knows without question----the other side with the other thoughts and the other views that are different from the ones that you hold will not be changed. Being that I am a man of God through God and only with wisdom and knowledge from God just as written, my views are different because I am not of this world; and as written am not liked to the point of hate, and no matter what I may say that is written within the pages of thy word is truth matters not to anyone worldwide who knows only the doctrines and traditions of man that make the word of God of none effect in their lives. <br />
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So like you I am wise to speak truth and to never ever argue because only God can pick and choose whom He desires at this time in prophecy. Romans 9:18 <br />
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And with those words because the truth of God that also covers politics which are totally corrupt just as all of the ways of man, its another subject just as all subjects of life that warrant no arguments or raging battles that have never solved anything but only added fuel to an already burning fire just to make it even hotter for no reason whatsoever because nothing was ever accomplished. In other words, what is just is, and we all have our own roads. Some -few- from God with most-many- from the god of this world who thrives on darkness as the father of lies with deception and confusion that is behind the worlds society that's on a crumbling foundation with lives unstable as water that cannot see the signs of the times of being within the last decade known to man with man ruling man that has been a complete failure as can be seen by anyone with an open mind that just looks closely at the human race of past and present that has more horrors than could fit into the books of a massive library. . . .To to see it come to an end is the best news ever, but in the ways of great tribulation with the wrath of God the blind have led the blind so even the world of religion has been deceived. <br />
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May God be with you as we speak our own truths and never argue, because in my ways I just delete the bad and remain silent always because God is love and Satan is hate.