Plagiarism and Stubborness

As with Elizabeth Hasselbeck, I have found an individual who continues to hold fast to their opinion in spite of dozens of people painstakingly explaining how it isn't based in truth or facts. The continuous, repetitive reiteration of the same statement is a true testament to stubbornness for the sake of it.

No one can get through to her with logic and facts. Even on the definition of the word plagiarism, she maintains she is correct, even when several have proven her wrong. I want to, for the record, be clear: my entire story was copy/pasted in the same group by her without my permission and without crediting me as the author. This has confused many people commenting throughout the re-posting.

Inanely reciting information that is wrong, ignoring so many people correcting that information and lashing out immaturely with name-calling has grown far beyond tiresome. There is no arguing with someone residing outside reality and insisting on their version, however devoid of facts. Her fairy story about the reality of it is the only thing understood by her. And her alone.

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FS- WOW. Sorry you deleted your story. You could've just blocked her (and then she'd feel justified to copy/paste YOUR whole story to shred in her space...) I grow weary of bullies pouncing and ignorant folk pursuing. Just not at all what I came here for to begin with. I do love the new friends I've made on EP!

Grama tells it like it is!

That is the 1 thing I can say for sure. As my Grama always said "If you can't say anything nice... **** off."

You have to admit, for the saddest sack on EP, <br />
she does have endurance.

You're a funny girl! LOL

I like it over the place where all those who have done the time get together?

HAHAHAHA!! So true, V. And the point of posting this here to begin with!

kind of like Elizabeth Hasselbeck lol

UC- Yup! Dropping it! Redundant and boring. On to other topics. <br />
<br />
Lilt- I know by chronological age, an adult. But emotionally, like arguing with a child.

Qazrazi, unfortunately she is not a sad little girl.<br />
She is a grown woman. Which makes it all the sadder.

V went to bat from the beginning and I could not remain as calm, logical and persistent as he. Always appreciated, Dear V. <br />
<br />
Yeah, I am done there. Nothing new left to be said. Except to introduce the latest news bits about Octomom, which will, no doubt, be summarily denied. <br />
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When dealing with someone whose fingers are sticking in their ears while chanting 'I'm not listening' there is nowhere left to go. Repetition is tedious and pointless. On to other topics!

Yeah, thanks ABL. I find it a dead end, not that I was seeking to change her mind or beliefs really. But it has degraded and it started off with me being the antichrist and 666 on my forehead. Sad little girl.<br />
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I'll catch up with the comments every few days but cannot waste time going back n forth anymore. Though, it helps me type faster! Good exercise! lol.

Yes, I remember that comment and there was a ridiculous response. Each time I catch up with the comments and join in again, she insists on having me reiterate everything I believe or to her it means I no longer believe it and she WAS right , after all.<br />
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I try to keep in my mind that hers is the mind of a child. I have gotten sarcastic but not lashed out with name-calling as she often resorts to, as well as her 2 buds that stick up for her (not about facts, just about her stance).

And like I pointed out in one of my comments, stubbornness is not a virtue. It can be useful in certain circumstances where willpower is required, but it is not an attractive quality to be praised in and of itself. People might admire someone with convictions, but no one admires a mule.

AHHHhhhhhh.<br />
<br />
It came to me overnight...As frustrating as I have found EH, the person who frustrates me here, is someone I am able to voice my opinion to. Not that it gets heard anymore than an email to EH.<br />
<br />
When I began commenting on her repost of my story, at like comment 90, I unblocked her so she can actually comment here but I do hope it will go right over her head and she doesn't find it (or realize it's her).<br />
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The thread is over 250 comments last I saw. Silly. So many trying to say what we have all said already, that's endurance and dedication to stubborness. Wow.

The air is fresher in this thread, isn't it? lol<br />
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I find your comparison to Hasselbeck fascinating. I knew that the willfull ignorance and stubborn refusal to admit anything was familiar, turns out it was just reminding me of watching Elizabeth spew on The View. <br />
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I'm curious how long it will be before she copies and pastes this story to make her own thread, since she cannot comment here. If it happens again, it will clearly be time to get EP involved. Perhaps it's already time for an intervention.