An Ep Trend

Recently, there has been a trend going around on EP. There are "name-collectors" among us here now. This was a common thing on MySpace (one of the many reason why I left that site), where people would ask to be added on my friend list. And I would think they would really want to be my friend. I would send them messages, they would reply sometimes... most times not. I would leave them comments and read their blogs... they would just ignore me, just replying to their "real friends" who left comments. And I got the feeling that they were annoyed that I was trying to interact with them. :-/

Also, no one read my blogs or commented on them in return, on MySpace... So, it left me feeling lonely in that place. :-(

And then I found EP. When I first started this site, I didn't have any friends on here. And then in May 2008, I got a few people chatting with me. They weren't the best... it didn't start going well for me, until my best pal Philip showed up and started speaking with me. But even so, I didn't just get name-collectors here. Even though the other people before Philip were jerks, they were still real people who were looking for more than just adding as many names to their circle as possible.

And now, name-collecting is becoming common place here. Which to me is annoying. But it's really hurting a lot of cool people in my circle. So far, three have left EP, because of it! They said it wasn't me, that I was about the only friend or one of the very few friends they had on their list, who was genuine. But they were sad, lonely, and depressed. I can understand that... as I have over 100 people in my circle (for now, until I start cleaning)  and more than half do not speak with me or respond to my messages. And commenting on their stories doesn't help either... they still ignore me. So, what's the point of keeping them in my circle. =p

But, I do understand how a person can be hurt, thinking that they have SO many friends and it turns out that they don't really. And then a person starts to question, who is really my friend here? Though, since I am use to this, there will be no leaving EP for me! I am perfectly happy with clearing my circle and keeping my small group of awesome people, who don't mind to interact with me in my circle. :-)

But then again, I am use to "name-collectors" and those who just want to hover around those who they think are popular. And then get silent and cold, when they find out the truth about me... I'm not popular, I'm a huge NERD! And I'm proud of it! Whoo-hoo! :-D


This is dedicated to my cool friends who have left EP: Nympha, CeltiicCowboy, and Julia! :-)

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1 Response Mar 15, 2009

You hit a sore spot with me. I put a lot of effort into my stories and I try to(even want to) commit whenever I see a friend post YET I get few commits in return. DARN. X(…DD<br />
X(...<br />