Living With Phelps

One of the worst things to have to put up with is living in the same town as Fred Phelps.  Every Sunday, when I try to go to my church, Phelps is outside picketing, saying we're "****" and that we're going to hell.  He pickets and harasses anyone who disagrees with him.  A great majority of my friends have had parents picketed by Phelps.  He has harassed teachers to the point of running them out of town.  He is the modern-day equivalent of a mob with torches and pitchforks.

I grieve for his family, and for the children born into his family.  3-year-old children are made to hold up signs condemning people for their sexualities; they're taught to yell "You're going to hell!" at people passing by.  His own daughter was cast out for marrying someone he didn't approve of.  His family/church members employ the most horrible forms of corporal punishment on their children.  For example, I went to school with many of the Phelps kids.  One boy bit his sister, and her mother forced her to bite him back so hard that she almost bit into his bone.  He should have gotten stitches, but since it was his punishment, he wasn't allowed to.  Their kids can't celebrate any holidays, and are usually ridiculed by their classmates.

I could go on for days about everything that's wrong with their "church" (read: cult).  I don't understand why people can't just let other people live their lives.  It's not like gay people or people who don't follow the bible word-for-word are hurting the Phelps' in any way.

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Has he ever read the passage "Judge not least ye be judged?"<br />
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There may just be a nice less than comfy place in hades for him and his like

why cant we just shoot the bastard

phelps has picketed my church a few times, and has burned an iowa lag on our statehouse steps.<br />
i once wanted to go out and tell him tha god loved him adn i loved him too, but my pastor advised me not to.<br />
i do empathize with you though. living around that madman must be horrendous.

Has anyone in your town ever reported Fred Phelps for child abuse? the school should have taken that boy to the hospital. Denying medical treatment is abuse. All the kids should be removed from that creep.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but when they start using their opinions as an excuse to harm children and harass people to the point of running them out of their home, it's no longer their right to express them.<br />
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I never said it was MY religion, and I'm not going to "forgive" someone who refuses to forgive others. If he won't follow his own silly religion, I'm not going to follow it, either. A person who causes that much harm doesn't deserve forgiveness, and what he discusses with his maker when the day comes will have nothing to do with how I feel about him.

Guys you should hear yourselves! Fred is entitled to his However warped opinion and to express it in Public. You are intelligent enough to make your own minds up I hope.<br />
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Our governments and Churches have commited much greater evils in their time.<br />
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Leave the silly old man to shout at the wind and ignore him.<br />
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Oh and I thought your religion preached "Forgiveness" Do correct me if I am wrong?<br />
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Rob G X

Our faith also preaches that those who hurt children would be benefitted if they were drowned in the sea with a millstone around their necks. This isn't just a bigoted hypocrite, spewing bile on innocent bystanders... it's an abusive husband, father, and grandfather. His own son has some horror stories to tell... beatings, drownings, flagellation, and worse...

SerenaDragonfly, I LOVE your idea!!

And here I thought it was bad enough to live in the same STATE as him!...

ERRAGHhhhh........<br />
I do not like them, <br />
any of them.

Seriously? child services should investigate that family if they're making kids bite each other. Thank you for sharing your story. Its very fascinating to hear from someone who has to share a town with that man. I've always wanted to go up there and protest HIS church, see how he likes it.

I'm surprised that the residents haven't run his sick circus out of town...

I'm disgusted about what's happening to those children. I feel so sorry for those poor children too. He's corrupting the innocent joy of a child and filling their minds with venomous hatred, and this alone is sick, not to mention all the terrible things he says about gays and his audacity in protesting.<br />
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I feel for you in having to live in the same town. I cannot even stand to hear his voice from the videos or read his site and I cannot imagine how terrible it would be to be bombarded with that every single day.

this man is a terrorist, really.