It's Been a Joke In Bc

Lately we have had quite a bit of gang violence in BC.  It's been a joke that there will be a celebration when there is a day without a shooting!  Thank God no civilians have been injured to date.

You live by the sword - you die by the sword.  It is sad but true.

It is sad that a little 4 year old boy lost his mommy when she was gunned down driving her son at 10:30am.  He was unharmed (PTL) but his mother died at the scene.  A man saw her car rolling into his vehicle, broke the DS glass and steered the car onto a curb.  As you can imagine, the little boy has been quite traumatized.  (Think twice about dating a gangster.) 

I hope that the media takes some responsibility for glorifying gangs.  I hope that we can start glorifying cops, firemen, doctors - any hero - more.

Anyways - I am ranting now...LOL! 

Yohanna Yohanna
36-40, F
Mar 7, 2009