You Can't Fix Stupid

my dil frustrates me. She wants to always use the system...unemployment, medicaid, workmans comp, food stamps, etc.  She grown up using the system, and wants her kids to grow up using the system. It's the welfare mentality, and its driving me crazy. I work for a living and pay my bills, and she wants everything given to her. AGHHHHHHHH!
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What do you really expect her to do? You said yourself she was raised in the system. it's all she knows. She most likely was not encouraged to get an education or had her sense of self worth, self esteem built up by anyone enough for her to take her life into her own hands and go down a different path. Personally, my heart breaks for anyone who was brought up that way. Living on the system is in no way easy or luxurious. All people can talk about or think about is that they don't go to a job everyday and they take money from people who do. It's a lot more involved than all that. I know from working with Women in the system that the vast majority of American born women would much rather have a job that paid a LIVING WAGE. Of which there are few for people with few marketable skills and very low self esteem. They need more than food stamps and a pittance of cash every month if they are going to change their lives. They need training and support and there is not enough of that out there. People are products of their environment as is your DIL. It's safe and familiar to her and many others but often a wasted life.

Wow, what an aggravating situation! Your daughter-in-law clearly has an abysmal attitude to life and what's worse she's perpetuating it! People like her jeopardise the entire welfare system with her selfishness. There are people out there who genuinely need it!

I don't agree with doing away with gov assistance. But I believe it could us a change. There are people out there that want to do it on their own but can't so need the help. The gov should work harder on helping them become independant. Push the people on assistance to get a job and go back to school if that's possible. Don't give them everything but don't with hold everything either ya know. And on top of that they should make it easier for people to get off gov assistance. My mom was on it for a long time. She didn't want to be but my mom is a high school drop out that at the time was raising 4 kids on her own. She did the medicaid and food stamps thing for a long time even housing. But everytime she'd get a job and start making some money they'd take her off the help right away and her job was never enough to cover all of her bills. So she had to give up her job in order to keep a roof over her kids heads and food in the fridge. My mom had every desire to fend for herself and if had been just her my mom would have rather starved then depended on the state but it wasn't just was her and 4 kids. So she couldn't starve or live on the streets and the gov made her depend on them. So I think problems like that need to be fixed

there has been many changes to welfare system in the last 15 years

Thank you pepsi for speaking some truth and facts. The points you made are what so many people do NOT care to kow about or understand. They lump everyone on welfare together. There is not enough help out there for people with few skills and limited education. Like the lying thieving governmant as a whole, the welfare system needs to be overhauled not removed.

I agree with both of you! >=|

The welfare system has it ALL BACKWARDS! They need to refuse to help those that don't have a job! ( those that don't have a physical or mental handicap). We need to go back to my G.Pa's old theory: YOu don't work; you don't eat! Unfortunately, at least where I'm at, our Gov't assistance is set up basically that they want a person 100 % dependent on them, or they don't want you at all! They don't want to "assist" those actually trying to help themselves!