It ****** Me Off

It ****** me the f** out when ppl blame the f**Ing economy problems on illegal immigrants, this ecomy went down the **** hole when the US spent millions on a war that dint make no f**Ing sense, you say "oh well if ppl want to live in the US they should do it the right way I had ancestors and they did it the right way" then was then now is now it is harder for someone to get legally into the US they give them no hope making them take actions into their own hands, why not make their country a better place sure it's not f**Ing easy, **** if ur home was a f**** up place u would also move the f*** out.... Illegal aliens are taking all the jobs? What jobs working as a janator cleaning toilets? Mowing lawns? Working on construction expose to the sun all day? Cleaning ur lazy fat f*** house because ur too lazy to wash ur own dishes? Earning $8 an hr, that is the kind of job u dont f** want because ur fancy *** wants to be in an office with air conditioner winning top pay and trust me no elligal alien earns more than 10 an hr..... I was born here in the US my parents came here illigaly and fix their **** in the early years they are legal now, other illegal aliens coming into the US aren't so lucky having to wait 8 yrs to see if they will get their papers or not but by that time most of them have been already deported, like I said its not easy now, they come to the US to take care of their families getting a job here and sending money back home to their kids, if you had children and they were starving u would do what was needed legal or not, or would you wait to do it right? But by that time they might b out of life.......and you know one thing USA is always going into other country's invading, wanting to take over control, causing wars, is there any country that US hasn't set foot on? But yet they are the ones calling us illegal aliens, that is why manny country's around the world hate Americans because they think they could just go into another country and just take over, thinking they can do whatever they want, if they dont cut it there will b one day when country's will unite, now I am not talking about no small country's like Iraq, Mexico, Salvador, or Honduras I mean biggger stronger country's like Russia and china, and what will US say " oh no Mexicans pls come back, dont leave help us to fight the war" yeah put us in the front lines they will....
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May 16, 2012