Honestly Can't Stick Up For Myself Here

I live with my friend and her grandmother. Everyone loves this woman, but my friend and I despise her. She is the most inconsiderate person I have ever met. She comes home late, usually when we're sleeping, and makes a whole bunch of ruckus, and I already have a hard time sleeping. She wakes up at around dawn and mows the yard when we're still sleeping. Or vacuums. But there are other things she does that just drives me crazy.

A specific example actually happened today. We had taco bell, which we don't have very often, as we are food conscious. I don't have a very big appetite, so I put one of my two chalupas in the fridge. This is what happened.

grandma: "Can I eat this chalupa?"
my friend: "It's Meggan's you'll have to ask her."
grandma: "I don't care, I'm going to eat it anyways."

in my head: "wtf? I was gonna eat that. and I'm sitting right here."

She always demands things from us, we try to be polite as possible, since we live under her roof. But she's a bully. And no one believes us because she is the freaking queen of the town. I get so frustrated when she isn't respectful in return.
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sorry bout that, why don't you consider moving out? or if maybe be extra nice to her, even more than you usually are, maybe she'll change. wish i could give you better advice about matters like this but can't cause never had a situation like that.<br />
good luck sleeping by the way