I Can't Stand Inconsiderate People Either

Came home to find someone blocking the gate entry to my apartment complex.  She parked at the gate, then walked back to the call box to call whoever she was coming to visit who wasn't answering the phone to buzz the gate open!  I had to open the gate for her to avoid my sitting there until she either moved or until her friend decided oto answer the phone. 

Finally got in the gate...  drove on down to my assigned parking spot... which was blocked off by a guy who parked half-across two parking spaces, and was just sitting around chatting with his friends.

I just got home from work also and its time to relax!

I would never do either of these things and would feel bad if I did.

I wish I could ignore this kind of behavior since it is pointless to be upset by it.

I wish they had never taught me to share and be fair in kindergarten!!  Those without a conscience appear to have an easy ride at times.

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1 Response Jul 6, 2009

You should never want to give up your values and up-bringing. If you were<br />
raised on good manners, and you apply them, then would you really turn<br />
away from them just because it would be easier?