Why Isn't Being Considerate Natural?! I Dont Get It.

I feel like 95% of the human race feels as if they are the only person who exists.  I can not stand it.  The fact that I am highly sensitive and empathetic makes every day torture for me when having to deal with inconsiderate jerks.   I rarely go to fun events..such as concerts, even though I am a musician myself and would love to go to more concerts but know it will be ruined by inconsiderate loud people who would rather talk/scream loudly over the music you paid good money to see and/or continually climb over you to spend more time at the concession stands than the actual concert and/or knock your chair and/or spill beer all over you.   This just happened to be my most recent occurance of inconsiderate ********.  Something new will happen tomorrow though!   

6uitargirl 6uitargirl
22-25, F
1 Response Feb 26, 2010

Oh, I know right?? I mean other than the lottle asterick things, I agree with you completely!!! I mean, sometimes, I just really want to say *Why CAn't Everyone JUST BE NICE!!!!!* [totally cle-shey/? i know... =P but seriously, that's just what I don't get!?!?! :(...]