Been Around It All My Life, I Just Turn The Other Cheek And Refuse To Listen

I have been around the fight my whole life it seems. Dont do this because its not Christian and then going to church and listening to my grandpa on the pulpit talking about all the other people out there that were not like us and how horrible they were. As life went on and I got older I saw the world for what it really was- people being people. People making their own choices and for some aweful reason every other sect or whatever thinks they are wrong! Hey, if you are happy with your life, you know what happens after your lightbulb goes out and your at peace with it..then I wish you all the best.
I have my own beliefs..they dont fall anywhere near what my family taught me growing up, they are mine. I am at peace with it and just feel such sadness for all of those out there that would love to put me down for my choice. This fighting has to end!!
woolpig woolpig
31-35, F
May 7, 2012