I Want To Listen To The Radio.

Do you think that God is omipresent?
I believe in creation that God designed this world with infinitely divine wisdom. I was thinking sure Gods design is everywhere. But I was thinking of a radio. What if God is like radiowaves? Right now where I sit there are radio waves traveling through here continually. But the only way I can hear the radio waves is with a receiver. Only a radio will prove there is radio waves. Perhaps God is everywhere but my receiver is not on?
Above all else I want to sense the presence of God.
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2 Responses May 12, 2012

There is a goddess for all of us. Don't buy into the lie of christianity.

"God" is just a man made word to try and label the pure essence of divinty that has created all that is. We are all connected to this source of pure love, all you have to do is realize this. Then, go out into nature, communicate with other beings, stare into their eyes, and feel how you are the same as them. We are apart of the infinite creator. When you know and feel this, you will feel the everlasting presence of beauty and love. (: Its very comlicated to put into words, but I hope that helps somewhat.

Thanks for the comment! :D
God is pure love & light!