Rant! I Hate People That Get Butt-hurt Over Religion! P.s. Does Me Ranting About This Seem Ironic? Lol

i am so frustrated at this one story i commented on, it was an "atheistic rant". this guy was contradicting himself saying that it was a bad thing that apparently ALL christians can go a week without mentioning god, but it was such a horrible thing that ALL atheists ***** and moan about their disbelief in god 24/7. in the end of his post he said that deep down all atheists know that god exists and etc.... basically being like "GUUUURL THEY HATIN COS THEY JEALOUS"

so anyways, when i replied i pointed out that i have seen what christians do and i have seen what atheists do and you CANNOT generalize people like this. then i pointed out how he was being hypocritical and saying that christians should have free speech over religion and atheists cant, which his only response to was "your wrong. everything you say is wrong" and thats it. great comeback buddy! Then finally in the end i wanted to point out that i am not in fact an atheist, i pick and choose what i want to believe in. To this he responded "i checked your groups, you are in the 'i believe in god' group therefore an atheist and not a christian.
FIRST OF ALL i said i pick and choose what i want to believe in! just because god isnt one of the things i believe in DOES NOT mean i am an atheist. here is an example of one of the things i believe in: REINCARNATION!!! if i were an atheist i would NOT believe in that!
SECOND OF ALL not once did i mention in my reply to his story that i am a christian. i wasnt even born a christian!!!! if he didnt block me from replying to his story i would have said "do you live under a friggin rock?!?! do you not realize there is more than one religion in the world?? **** sakes!

so yeah! theres my rant, glad to have that off my chest, but seriously, why is it so impossible for people to not force their beliefs on other people? i want to make it clear that i am not choosing any sides here, i do not generalize any religious groups, everyone is different. there might even be some christians that dont believe in god either. in fact, i might know one or two that dont! but what im trying to say is, people just need to be more tolerant of other people's beliefs!!

here is something i mentioned in that persons story: i really wish that conversations about religion can be more like "oh hey what do you believe in?" "i believe in god" "thats cool, im an atheist" "thats cool too."
not this: "what do you believe in?" "i believe in god/ im an atheist" "WHAAAAT RANT RANT RANT YOU'RE WRONG BUTTHURT RANT RARARA"

just... **** sakes. even typing this rant has made me out of breath.

stop generalizing groups of people. stop forcing your beliefs on others. actually you know what, if people saw religion the same way i see it then maybe the world would be a much much quieter place... while still being diverse cause i do not give a ****!
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