Religion... Well Now, That's Actually Part of the Problem

Religion is just a set of Covenants, Standards or Rules set up by a group of people who feel basically the same way, about a deity, concept, a person, place or thing.  Most every society past and present has had a religion or something like it.

The problem with religion happens when one group or person wants to exert its will or belief on another group or person.  That type of aggression has happened since the beginning of time.  Ask Galileo, Da Vinci, and Nostrademus.  If any of these people who were born during the zenith of institutionalized religion in Europe had let on to "other" knowledge that they had they could be tortured, excommunicated, or killed.  Even many of the forefathers of America had come to America to escape religious persecution in England.

The religion usually starts out as someones' idea of pure spiritual truth.  Then becomes institutionalized, very pushy, and very powerful as time goes by.  Why?  because  most religions are run by people who want money & power or have money & power.  They do not care about the true reasons they became a group.  As long as that group is moving toward someones' expectations (and not neccesarily the Creators' wishes) then that group has become institutionalized and cannot find true growth because they are not following the true path.  Another reason why many have left the churches and some never enter the churches.

I believe in the Creator.  I believe in the life of Christ and what he was put on Earth to accomplish.  I do not believe in Hell nor do I believe it exists.  I do not say you have to believe as I do ... but for me it is the only thing that makes sense.  Many churches use the concept of Hell to scare people into the church.  That is another way churches have failed humanity.  

The majority of people could not read at one time and Latin was used in the churches.  A lot of untrue beliefs were started that had no bearing or truth behind it except that someone had heard it said by a learned priest, reverend, or pastor trying to hold on to their congregation, especially during the plagues of Europe.  Mans' interference with man has caused more wars for naught, death, plagues,  starvation, and ravaging need than anyother real reason.

The Christ states that if you do not believe and if you do not Love one another as he has Loved us, then we will surely die.  Not go on living forever in pain or torture, burning and such.  He said you will surely die.  That means dead, died, passed on to oblivion.  It will be as though you never had existed.  The Creator has no need to see you tortured forever.  He is not a sadist.  Hell is just mankind holding onto some type of sick hope of living after the Judgement.

I believe that what we call Heaven is just our Home.  And, as long as we remember the promise of eternal life with Christ back home, try to love each other, and reach out to his people with the truth we will enjoy going home.  And, we maybe able to enjoy the Earth while we are still here if we take the Christ Consciousness or the total love concept to every human being in the Earth.

We cannot act like we are our brothers/sisters superiors.  There is only One Creator of all things.  It is his wish that we live in peace and love with one another.  It is his wish that we do no harm of any kind to one another. 

For me religion does not solve these problems and it is the reason people keep fighting about it. 

If we were more spiritual and not so much wanting of the base aspects of the world we could see this fact. 

When you are truly spiritual, in my opinion, your light shines out and you become part of the good works needed in the Earth.  You do not have time to criticize others for what they think or do because you are to busy trying to improve yourself so can be a tool the Creator can use in his plan.

The Bible, Torah, Koran and other religious books have all been tampered with by the powers that be many times in this world, even before you or I became a twinkle in our fathers' eye.  Even the King James version is not like the Prince James bible.  The King James bible has about 7-12 books that are no longer in the bible and can only be read by heads of state or the Pope and such religious powers.  Those books are in the Library of Congress and you and I will never be able to see them.

If you know the part of the New Testament where Christ is calling the not yet Disicples working on their fathers' ship to follow him.  In that chapter it speaks that their father was being tended to by servants on the ship when Christ called out to them to follow him. 

Now every pastor I have ever heard preach about that chapter has preached that Zebedee and his sons were poor people, all but one.  Even in todays' world if someone owns a ship and is being tended by servants on that ship, they are not poor.  In fact, they are really quite well off.  Did you know that Judas was supposed to be away at college(sent by his parents) when he decided not to go but went to follow Christ.  College was very expensive then as it is now and only the noblemen's families or the aristocracy could afford it.  And, did you know that most of the disicples came from noble families that had mostly lands but not much money?

The reason Christ and Disicples were depicted as poor was because the powers that be wanted the common man to be happy with their lot of being poor with no power.  It is why the powers that be did not want the masses taught remedial knowledge, you know how to  read, write, or count.  As long as the masses stayed unlearned the powers that be could rule as they wished.

So stop fighting about your beliefs or your religion unless you have some knowledge none of us have.  When you believe in things you don't understand you cause trouble, its called Superstition, Superstition ain't the way! A great singer wrote that back in the 1970s.


Peace and Much Love to you.

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Just follow yourself and all else will be right,when you are right all around you is right.You here doesn't mean you but in general terms.Don't follow the priest as they are the mafia of the soul.

I always thought we were the same in God's eyes. Not separated. He's sees us as one of his children. (just my opinion and thought) so why do we judge. <br />
<br />
I love your story. You make us think. Love that.

I Love your points...very good. But to me religion is just a way to keep people enslaved to the rich. <br />
Wait till after we die to enjoy the Earth that the Creator wanted us live richly upon???<br />
That is the message institutionalized religionhas given the poor to keep the rich safe for thousands of does not wash anymore...<br />
Find the true teachings of Jesus hidden in the Vatican, given to special groups by a certain catholic priest in the middle of the Dark Ages. Also read the Essene teachings...they are the people who taught him. He wanted us to learn how to find the Heaven inside us right now in this life...and to stop reaching for the rich mans' heaven.<br />
Hugs & Love, LW

I Love that thought & Statement ...Thank You so much! Hugs, LW

Well, well, well... As I see, we have very similar views! <br />
Yes, indeed, personally I regard the words of Christ about lambs and goats as the question: Have you become Human, the one I wanted and blessed you to become? Have you been merciful, supporting, caring? Did you reach this standard? "And nothing else matters..." :).

Thank you for more info..because I just do not get religion as it is practiced, today, anymore. Hugs, LW

Thank you all for your educational comments I really appreciate it! Hugs, LW

Love your ideas. Thank you.

Hello<br />
<br />
I absolutely love your post!<br />
<br />
The thing about swarmy's view, and many others who think like that, is that if people believe that jesus is a fake and the bible is total BS, that they would fail to learn anything GOOD from Christ's teachings... meaning that they would be unable to progress in their spiritual growth, if they look at Christianity out of the Ego's Eye filled with prejudice...<br />
<br />
I like learning from different people and different beliefs, but I can only truly grow if I am open hearted and tolerant to other beliefs that may lead to God as well... since each belief is that of a seeker on the path of GOD.<br />
<br />
When people fight over beliefs, they miss spiritually growing by learning from each other.<br />
<br />
The more each 'focuses on right and wrong' the more they are blinded by the Divinity in another.

Amen! I believe in a lot of what you wrote about. God is not a sadist...he will not torture people forever. Hell just means Gehenna which was a pit that dead bodies where thrown into to be destroyed in Jesus time. But people took it literal and misinterpreted. I think priest and the government used some of the bible teaching to sometimes control people and scare them into doing what they wanted. The bible teaches to love one another including your enemy and not to kill. Yet nations go into war in the name of GOD and pray to be blessed before killing in war. Makes no sense. And I don't agree or understand when people say that "It was an act of GOD" for natural disasters or that GOD caused this and that when it's really US...humans that are destroying our world and causing the problems we have. I am glad my mom taught me bible principles. I feel more spiritual now then when I claimed a religion but I respect all religions. I think we should all respect each others beliefs and not push or put down those that have different beliefs. Thank you for posting :)

As I said it is all about one group trying to have power over everyone. I do not use my spiritual beliefs to have power over anyone.. But if you learn to Love and Protect the breathe of Life & Love within you, protect, honor, and Love the temple (your body) it resides in then you will have Heaven on Earth. Peace, Love, protection and it all can be done by you right here on Earth. It is called Loving from the inside out..not opposite which is what most of us do. "Not Me but What Lives In Me" This where the true power of your Life and Salvation is. I tis Love of everything in creation and yourself totally! Then you can use ALL positive teachings correctly. Hugs, Livingwell

"I believe in the Creator. I believe in the life of Christ..."<br />
<br />
this is strictly a belief of the christian religion, the creation stories of old involved many creators. Even the OT starts of with five words: the beginning, the void, the gods, the heavens, the earth.... Of course, Jesus is said to have called the jewish god a liar that fathered only lies and more liars--while speaking to the pharisees and such.<br />
<br />
I am finding more and more that Jesus was made up to protect the messianic (essiac) jews from the temple jews, sofartim, and hissittum (pharisees and sadducees) who were rounding them all up and stoning them to death for being false prophets because the messiah never came. Which, by the way, brought the wrath of the romans down on the jews.<br />
<br />
You see, temple jews believed in moses and the priesthood for their theocracy, to want a king (like the messiah) was sinful, but with the prophecies they had to wait to prove it.<br />
<br />
Mystics and zealots got together to make him up, apparently, the more learn of the archeaology and anthropology of the area the more this seems to be. Especially when the NT gospels are so dreched with european mysticism, with Jesus being the golden light of it all.<br />
<br />
In another place you post to seek out writings, so try to learn of animus and anima--according to Jung is a good source to start with, he studied many mystical cultures to found what could be termed as a main branch of psychology--mystical psychology. Find out why spirituality is such a big part of you modern scientific cultured society, maybe.<br />
<br />
Yin and yang another spiritual belief, the spirits of the ancestors and their influence on one, mother and father and grandmapa. How it affect our psyche (spirit).<br />
<br />
But, experience and observation may lead one much closer than all the study to be had in books, and indeed, too much study and not enough experience leads to absolute ignorance.<br />
<br />
Am I obtuse enough, or am I too obvious doe my xommunication to be safe?

Will you please expain the Orange Parade and why it would cause trouble or deaths...Many <br />
blessings, livingwell

I watched the Orange parade in Ireland and felt very sad at all the fighting it caused

We are what we belive , and sometime , what we belive make us .. <br />
<br />
I have been blessed by god , to know my religion , and i thank him everday , as much as i can , that he showed me the true path , and blessed me by putting me in it . <br />
<br />
I do believe in hell , and heaven as well , but as you said every one is free when it comes to thier believes . <br />
I also believe that , we should think by our feelings as much as we think by our minds .. <br />
<br />
thnx ,, and Peace out to every one ..

No, I have not heard of that "Gospel", Markismyheart - but please tell me how I can obtain a copy. It is always nice to find evidence of your thoughts, even if its only somewhat. Sometimes you find more info that you may need. Thanks a lot.<br />
<br />
Peace and Much Love to you.

To you both, thank you. When I write stories on the EP I select and save right on my Edit tab from the internet all through my writing. I had to learn to do this because just like you guys I have lost many stories because of timeout on the computer, hit some crazy key, etc.<br />
<br />
ELFINSONG if the mood hits you to write on this story again, please do so. I really want to hear what you have to say about this story. And save text, save text, save text. Thank you.<br />
<br />
Peace and Much Love to you both.