Just Old Fashioned Respect

I debated on joining this grour or not, not that I disagree but that I strongly agree. It would be easy for me to think of what I want to say while my blood pressure keep's going up. I was taught respect growing up, even if you dont agree with what a person belived you did not have to be disrepctful. There is nothing that will stand the hair up any faster on the back of my neck then the word GD, It serve's no purpose in our language. Most people spit it out without thouhgt. No point in getting my blood pressure up so I will end it. If you want my respect then show me your's.
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God Dammit I can't figure out what GD stands for... Ah I'm kidding.

Thank You for reading and commenting shangem. Now that you mention it you are most likely right but I still wish they could find another thing to say other than gd. My Best.

Thank you for reading and commenting natashamarie and Fogghornn. Diversity is what make's each of us an individual. What kind of world would this world be if everybody in it were just like me. That would get boring real fast. I dont have to agree with you but it does not hurt me to respect what you choose to believe. My Best.

Very well said. I have never understood why people who do not share the same beliefs have to be so ugly.

Thank You beadman. I agree wiyh you, and it is not my place to judge anyone.

I am jewish and my jewishness belongs to only me . No judgments on other faiths but respect and civility. Respect and learning about other peoples and cultures is to be open with ideas .

I agree with you and Wiseowl. No matter a person's faith, we should respect their beliefs and not reduce a conversation down to taking your god's name in vain and ridiculous arguing. I am like you, I rarely if ever join groups on here regarding faith, it brings about comments deriding my beliefs and judging me without benefit of knowing me or what I am really about. I don't believe that faith is nothing more than a crutch to get me through life either. It has enhanced and enriched my life and gives me hope for each new day. I was brought up Catholic, and although my path in life has taken me in a different direction, I honor and respect your beliefs. Blessings of love and light to you :)

How do you feel towards someone like me? Someone who does believe in God and yet insults HIM every day? Honest. Sorry, but I don't like the way He's doing things, or his refusal to explain. Supposily he gave us brains and free will, so I often use both to give voice to my anger to him. If he doesn't like it, tough. If He doesn't like it, he shouldn't have given us the tools and the reason to care in the first place. You say I insult God by speaking, but in truth we all insult God by not. No one likes a gift given and never used..

I made a choice to have my faith but I still have a life to live here on earth. I have never looked at my faith as a crutch, just the oppisit. It has inriched my life. It helped me set a guideline of my choosing on my life. One of those guideline's is to respect what other's believe in or not.

I am an Agnostic. I think people with a religious belief need it as a crutch, and would never destroy their belief.

I fully agree, Thank You

I'm the same on your point Robert.People can agree or disagree without making the conversation..or debate a nightmare. I rather stay out of subjects I strongly disagree with. I can go in & drop an opinion but I let whomever have their own. It's like joining a circle of folks chatting at a dinner party. Bam! There they are arguing over politics & God. Buzz kill, party crappers. Makes my heart race & I'm out of there.I don't have the stomach for it & dont want to .