The Man In The Alley..

there is a man who lives in an alley. i see him everyday when i return from work.
he is filthy.
his clothes r torn. he only showers when it rains. his teeth have turn black. hair shabby. he has no shoes.

just the other day i was returning home. i had a bad day at work. had a lot of work to do. things got pending. didnt get what i wanted. skipped lunch and was hungry as hell. i was so down and frustrated. i asked god, why me ??

and with all of this in my mind and walking back home this man of the alley asks me to spare some money or food.

i was so furious. i was about to scream the hell out of him, when another man spared him some food he was carrying home. the man of the alley thanked him in tears. he said he has not eaten in 2 days ! then he thanked god several times over and over again with every bite he took.

i was stunned ! so taken back. ! my hunger vanished !
i looked at my clothes. i remembered how beautiful home i was blessed with. i remembered how delicious food was waiting for me at my dinner table.
and how i was blessed with so many loved ones whom i can fall back to.

and for all of this i never questioned god why me.!! was i even thankful enough for all this.

i took out my wallet and gave him all the change i had.
then i went home and looked all around. and made a note on my fridge.

''no matter in what condition u r in, there is always something to be thankful of.''
adi4u adi4u
22-25, M
Dec 2, 2012