All My Life

seriously, i have been judged all my life. from the clothes i wear, the friends i have and the music i listen to. its always something to see when i prove them wrong though. ill help anybody, i care for people, 
so this old women was checking me out at the cracker barrel, she didn't like my shirt, a concert tee, she had much hate in her eye and didn't even know me. so what i got a lamb of god tee shirt on with devil horns, anyway when i left i see her outside in her car, front right flat tire and rain pouring down. just instantly i told her to pop her trunk, i grabbed the jack and spare and changed it, then told her to be safe. she didn't know what to think, but it didn't matter, i would have done that for most anyone.. she couldn't come to grips with it though and still didn't even thank me, its OK though, i didn't need that, i did it because it was the write thing to do, not because i wanted her respect.. i am me, know me, trust me, and respect me, you may be surprised at what you find... 
supermist supermist
51-55, M
Nov 23, 2011