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You Think You Know, But You Don't

It's ironic that people who think that they know it all, in reality, know nothing. For example, all of those people that say nudity=sex. If that were the case, then why isn't everybody all around the wold having sex with each other the minute they get naked? Or better yet. Certain talk show hosts. Dr. Phil is the biggest culprit here. He has the credentials, but not the license to practice any of it. Or Dr. Spock and Dr. Joyce Brothers. Both of them see parents' nudity around their kids will send them the wrong message. Actually, it's been proven that it helps, not hurt the child. And yet people had to listen to these two act as if they're gods. Makes me glad I don't have a tv right now.
BLACKTIGER75 BLACKTIGER75 36-40, M Apr 27, 2012

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